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Our company was founded in 2008 by partners José Luis Rebelo e Pedro Amaral. Its activity is centered on the distribution of medical devices.

The trust gained in the internal and foreign markets, and the close relationship established with public and private entities in the health sector, have allowed Docworld to be recognized as preferential partner and to grow consistently over the past decade.

The growing influence of this company in the national and international health markets naturally caught the eye of competing companies which act in the global market and which grasped its potential. This interest resulted in the integration of the company in Batist Medical Group, an outfit based in Czeck Republic and which distributes medical devices. Batist Medical is a leader in the Central European health sector and is present in over 20 countries.

The acquisition and integration of Docworld by Batist Medical Group represents a strengthening of the values already achieved over the last ten years and the firm promise that our main objective is to maintain high levels of quality and consequently customer satisfaction.

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Batist Medical Portugal's paradigm is to provide products that are distinguished by their
excellence and effectiveness, meeting the highest quality standards.


In order to strengthen its reference position in the market sector where it operates, and with a view to consolidating the company's sustainability, Batist Medical Portugal adopts as a short-medium-term strategy the export of products and the manufacture of medical devices.
Batist Medical Portugal intends to continue to grow in a sustainable way, stimulating team spirit and making it a pillar of the work it develops. All necessary conditions are created for the full satisfaction of the employees, in order to promote the excellence of the services provided.
We seek continuous improvement, being alert to the market so that we can distinguish ourselves by the quality of the products and the services provided.


• Know the specific needs of each customer, presenting the best products and solutions tailored to their needs.

• Comply with all regulatory and legal requirements inherent in your activity.

• Continuously provide safe, compliant and effective products.

• Promote staff competence, providing appropriate initial and continuing training for the execution of daily activities.

Social responsability
• Represent and market quality products;
• Continued support for charities and humanitarian missions through value and product donations.

Environmental responsibility
• Implement the separation of waste resulting from the warehouse activity - mainly cardboard and plastic;
• Material reuse, implementing the 3 R's policy - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Economic growth

More than a decade after its foundation, Batist Medical Portugal continues its consolidation in the domestic market. After an atypical year of 2020 in which sales volume exceeded expectations, doubling its value, the results for 2021 demonstrate an expected normalization in the market, in which BATIST® Portugal experienced a positive evolution compared to the pre-pandemic period, thus maintaining the growth trend that was seen before the emergence and impacts of covid-19.

The company's current strategy is focused on offering innovative products and solutions, which, due to the clinical results obtained, will create a positive impact on the quality of life of patients and allow better management of hospital resources, thus improving their efficiency and, consequently, reducing costs associated with some pathologies.


Batist Medical Portugal, aware that the commercialization of medical devices is increasingly demanding and competitive, considers awareness for customer satisfaction, cooperation with suppliers, product competitiveness and compliance, employee competence and adequacy of infrastructures to ensure sustained company growth, customer loyalty, continuous improvement and compliance with legal requirements.



Fruit of the exclusive representation of international brands to the Iberian Peninsula, 2014 was to BATIST® also the year of investment in exploration of Spanish market. The proximity to a higher market than the Portuguese and the good results obtained in Portugal did foresee a notable success in this goal.

Once the maintenance of importance in providing the great Spanish hospitals is a reality, BATIST® PORTUGAL was a major impediment to participation in public tenders launched in Spain, a country strongly "nationalist" where there’s a clear preference for Spanish national suppliers. Aware of this, BATIST® created in May 2014 the BATIST® SPAIN, an entity under Spanish law, especially dedicated to the activity in the market in that country, whose main supplier is the BATIST® Portugal.



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