Created in 2008 and based on values ​​such as humility, dedication and market knowledge, BATIST® has been growing and maintaining a firm commitment to work in close cooperation with its customers and distributors in Portugal and in the international markets.
BATIST® is daily focused on the deep knowledge of the real needs of each client, presenting the best products, solutions and conditions possible.

Aware of the legal requirements of the market, BATIST® ensures the compliance with all the regulatory requirements inherent in its activity, having its activity duly registered and authorized in the Portuguese Competent Authority INFARMED, IP. All Medical Devices marketed by BATIST® are duly registered with the mentioned Competent Authority.

Our paradigm is to provide products that are distinguished by their excellence and effectiveness, complying with the highest quality standards. Since its foundation, it has always been a priority to represent and market quality products manufactured in Portugal and Europe. Therefore, BATIST® only establishes partnerships with duly certified suppliers in accordance with European Harmonized Standards.

This way, BATIST® has a solid knowledge of the target market, and have the appropriate mechanisms for research and identification of suppliers with a single purpose, the satisfaction of our customers.

BATIST® we care!

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Entrada BATIST®
Entrada BATIST®
Entrada BATIST®

Economic growth

From 2011 to 2018, BATIST® (Portugal) turnover grew more than 9 times, as a result of the growing influence and the entry into the reference economic agents of the national and international health sector.

The value of EBITDA has therefore been growing at the same rate.
For 2019, a turnover of more than 10 M € is expected with the development of the External Market.



Fruit of the exclusive representation of international brands to the Iberian Peninsula, 2014 was to BATIST® also the year of investment in exploration of Spanish market. The proximity to a higher market than the Portuguese and the good results obtained in Portugal did foresee a notable success in this goal.

Once the maintenance of importance in providing the great Spanish hospitals is a reality, BATIST® PORTUGAL was a major impediment to participation in public tenders launched in Spain, a country strongly "nationalist" where there’s a clear preference for Spanish national suppliers. Aware of this, BATIST® created in May 2014 the BATIST® SPAIN, an entity under Spanish law, especially dedicated to the activity in the market in that country, whose main supplier is the BATIST® Portugal.



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